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Construction Aggregates: Universal Demand Ensures Professional Opportunities


Good News For the 2019 Aggregate Market is Good News For Mining Professionals

From the ready-mix concrete market to silica sand and gravel, the construction bulk materials and aggregate markets in 2019 offer career opportunities which have the advantage of universal demand across North America. These commodities will always be essential to infrastructure construction as well as commercial and residential projects.

Pit and Quarry defined this decade’s aggregate industry as “robust, strong, healthy, busy, sustaining, and full of potential”. PR Newswire concurs and expects the trend to continue in their April 2019 report headlined “The global construction aggregate market is expected to reach an estimated $452.4 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 2.7% from 2019 to 2024”.

The Aggregate Industry Offers Stability and Versatility

Today’s aggregates sector provides a stable platform when ongoing job security is the priority for strategic career planning. The industry offers geographic versatility with a broad range of resources which are more widely available. Aggregates also offer a stability which is often lacking in the volatile precious metals markets, with a much brighter future than coal which is on its way to becoming a 20th Century anachronism in our new “green-minded” economy.

A broader choice of diverse locations around the country means that opportunities for the top aggregate professionals are never in short supply when it’s time to make a move.

At Resource Erectors, we have professional-level career opportunities with the industry leaders of the construction materials and aggregate sectors spanning across the continent. Lucrative  positions in sales, engineering, aggregate mining, and plant operations are available now for those qualified professionals who are ready to make a strategic move up the career ladder.

In fact, we’ve made it our mission to match the top professional candidates with the top companies. Let’s take a look at some the common skills and prerequisites our industry leading aggregate and bulk materials companies are looking for now.

A Strong Work Ethic Reaps Big Rewards For Aggregate Professionals

There’s simply no getting around this most common of recruiting denominators in the aggregate industry.

Candidates who can demonstrate a strong work ethic and the ability to hit it hard while driving continuous improvement can expect to reap impressive rewards at the top aggregate companies. This includes monthly and yearly bonus incentives, lucrative base salaries, comprehensive benefit packages, and generous 401K plans.

Industry Expectations For Aggregate Plant Managers

There’s a reason for the wise old maxim “That’s why he gets the big bucks!” Plant managers are the backbone of the aggregate industry, a sector where the demand rarely dwindles and competitive production goals are ambitious.

Wet and dry plant and operations management candidates should be able to highlight continuous improvement experience such as Lean Six Sigma project achievements, and an exemplary employment history documenting 5-10 years of experience without excessive “job hopping”. The ability to handle 24/7 production is a common requirement. These are all pluses for plant and operations management level positions in the high-demand aggregate industry.

Also, troubleshooting skills, proven workforce leadership, and a bachelor’s degree  or advanced technical education are all vital for plant manager titles at the senior level.

Professional Opportunities in Aggregate Sales

At the top of the sales career ladder, area sales managers focus on sales volume, selling price, quality control, and customer service. With such critical responsibilities, 10 years of experience is not an uncommon requirement for these upper management positions in the aggregate industry.

Maintaining and increasing market share, training and grooming the sales force, and developing mutually beneficial trading partnerships requires a combination of superior people skills as well as high aptitude for market analysis and capital expenditures. A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, engineering, or construction management is usually a prerequisite for candidates to be considered at this level.

For candidates with 3-5 years of mining or aggregate experience, sales account manager positions focus on developing new customers and maintaining and growing existing account portfolios. This level of sales management is often perfect for the sales professional who enjoys getting out from behind the desk and traveling to visit clients. Aside from the aggregate materials themselves, minerals and mine processing equipment offer lucrative sales opportunities for candidates with an engineering  BS and excellent verbal and software skills.

When you’re ready to reap the rewards of your valuable aggregate industry experience, Resource Erectors has the top industry connections you need to make your move!

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