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Civil Construction Projects Lead the Construction Industry Rebound in 2019


Construction 2020: Keeping Pace With the Growth Trend of 2018-2019

In 2018 the United States raised new non-residential buildings across the nation to the tune of $452.67 billion. Public non-residential construction totaled 295.2 billion dollars, according to the 2019 mid-year assessment at Statista. That set the bar quite high for continued growth in 2019 but the sector still registered a respectable 4.4% growth over the previous year in the overall non-residential building category.

Despite numerous challenges faced by the industry including costly tariffs on construction materials, chronic skilled workforce issues, and a significant need to “catch up with the rest of the world” when it comes to adapting to new software and digital technology, short-term projections are still predicting further 2.4% overall growth for the non-residential sector in 2020.

Turning the Tide in Construction: Summer 2019

By December of 2018, construction material costs had risen 10-12% over the previous year, and the forecasters for 2019 were anticipating stagnant growth if any at all. We conservatively anticipated a “Steady as She Goes” trend for 2019.

The first quarter of 2019 actually showed a troubling 7% decline compared to the first 3 months of 2018 and industry-watchers were concerned that the inevitable recession may have arrived earlier than anticipated.

Then came the summer of 2019, and the non-residential and residential construction sectors alike didn’t hesitate to take advantage of more favorable market conditions.

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By Q1 and Q2 of 2019 material prices began to flatten out, and by May 2019 prices actually started to decline, boosting construction starts by a seasonally adjusted 10%. By June 2019 new construction starts had advanced another 9% with much of the lift fueled by a 16% jump in non-residential building construction.

According to a recent Dodge Data and Analytics report, major contributors to the robust gains seen in the overall construction sector included:

  • the $1.1 billion expansion project to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport at Terminal 5
  • office buildings
  • public buildings such as detention facilities and courthouses
  • healthcare facilities
  • warehouses
  • nonbuilding construction (highways, and infrastructure) up 6%
  • residential building up 5%.

The Major Civil Construction Players of 2019

New transportation terminal starts across the continent combined for an astounding 348% jump, contributing to the 37% increase in the institutional building category. Aside from the $1.1 billion from the June start at Chicago’s O’Hare Terminal 5, airport construction racked up another $543 million from terminal projects including:

  • $370 million Terminal E modernization project at Boston’s Logan International Airport
  • $98 million terminal renovation project at San Francisco International Airport
  • $75 million terminal renovation project at Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport

The Public Buildings Category also advanced with ambitious criminal justice projects launched in Texas, Michigan, and Indiana. These enormous projects contributed to a 242% increase from the construction starts including:

  • $320 million for the Wayne County Criminal Justice Center in Detroit
  • $280 million for Community Justice Campus in Indianapolis
  • $163 million for the courthouse in Austin TX

Office Buildings and Healthcare facilities advanced by 31% and 22% respectively. Large data centers included Microsoft’s $418 million facilities in Cumming IA, another $258 million for a center in Manassas VA, and the new $280 million data center in Papillion NE.

According to the Dodge Data & Analytics report, Warehouse Construction starts contributed to the 12% increase in the Commercial Building category with the Warehouse Construction category rising by 19% in June after the groundbreaking for Amazon’s $750 million Amazon Prime Air Hub at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Dollar Tree’s new distribution center at $130 million for the Houston TX area and a $100 million Shugart Farms distribution center in Palmetto GA helped boost the commercial buildings category at a time when many other commercial building sectors showed declines such as hotels, stores, and commercial garages.

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