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Resource Erectors

Recruiting Services for the Mining and Minerals Processing Industry in North America

About Us

Connecting the Mining Community of America

Mining Jobs for Mining Professionals

Connecting industry professionals with the most successful companies in the North American mining industry is what we do best at Resource Erectors.

Maintaining thousands of relationships with mining professionals across the continent allows us to introduce our clients to the best mining talent, in critical and diverse roles including: executive and operations managers, mining engineers, process and environmental engineers, maintenance and production supervisors, safety professionals, quality control technicians, financial and logistics managers and more...

Whether you are an experienced professional looking to make that next big move in your career, or a mining company looking for talented people to add to your team, Resource Erectors will help you make the connections you need to achieve your goals.

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Mining Industries Served:

Construction Materials Jobs
Connecting companies and professionals vested in the production of construction materials, Resource Erectors serves clients in the aggregate mining, asphalt and ready-mix production, cement manufacturing, gypsum and other related industries.
Learn more about the critical needs roles we help our clients fill.
Coal and Oil Sands Jobs
We bring together companies and mining professionals skilled in the extraction of natural energy sources in North and South America including coal and bituminous oil sands. Learn more about the critical needs roles we help our clients fill.
Frac Sand Jobs
Connecting mining professionals with companies involved in the mining and processing of silica used as a proppant in the production of natural gas in North America.
Lean more about opportunities in the rapidly growing frac sand industry.
Industrial Minerals Jobs
Resource Erectors serves clients involved with the mining and processing of industrial minerals including Lime, Talc, Kaolin, Potash, Salt and other minerals critical to the production of ceramics, paints, plastics, detergents, fertilizers and more.
Learn more about the types of professionals our clients require.
Metals Mining Jobs
Companies involved in mining Copper, Iron, Lead, Nickel, Zinc and other ore types located in North America require skilled professionals for operational success.
Learn how Resource Erectors brings companies and mining professionals together.

Featured Mining & Minerals Processing Jobs

Some of the Current Jobs Available at Resource Erectors

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